Habitat of Happiness

The breeze gently wiggles causing the leaves of the trees to giggle as the roses bask in the warm glow of the sun gently kissing each petal.  Words whisper of conversations had softly blending into a melody carried on the wind….shh…can you hear…a tea party is about to begin hosted by Ms. Rabbit as the neighbors arrive.

I saw this video the other day on:

GNH: Gross National Happiness.

“Not everything that counts can be counted.”  How does one measure happiness….what is it that creates a habitat of happiness? Interesting questions. Do we spend our time on things that make us happy…that makes others happy?  Are we emotionally connected to moments or do we walk through life in a fog of dis-attachment?

‘It’s the journey, not the destination’

The GNH video talked of the loyalty to Vivian’s motel business.  That brought back memory smiles of growing up with Grandma.  How I still meet people to this day that have connections to Grandma and the motel.  How they will say it wasn’t because of the location…or the motel itself…it was because of her that we returned.  She always had a smile and open door…when I had a bad business day she would listen…she went the extra step not because she had to but because she wanted to.


That open door policy and giving heart of Grandma is in my opinion a wonderful way to live.  Engaged in a discussion with friends the other evening we talked about positive energy.  How when you open your heart and life…giving for the reason of giving expecting nothing in return…listening when someone needs a moment…giving a smile because you can….doing something unexpected for someone else…those are the little moments that are not little.

Growing Soul

Grandma’s birthday is just a few weeks away.  How I thought of her this morning as I walked in the park…the bunnies nestled in the tuffs of grass….the birds singing a Sunday morning hymn….and flowers…how she loved flowers. July is off an flying….how the grains of sand seem to be sifting at an accelerated rate at times and yet at times motionless.  Spent time with friends and family tubing, Art in the Park and moments spent sitting out by the flowers.  Here is the latest July moments:

Family 2010

I believe if we send out a spirit of love, peace, joy, happiness, gentleness, giving, caring….we receive those in return.  If we send out fear, anger, judgement, close mindedness…that that energy is also returned. Wishing you a life well lived this week of full engagement. ~ Shana

Living Life is….

Slowly Becoming..
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